Mobile Phones Built for Mobile Health

mHealth is going to be unbelievably huge. There are a heck of a lot of trivial applications out there to engage the general population in mobile marketing gimmicks, but mobile health is definitely not one of them. mHealth addresses very real problems in not only extremely rural areas in the furthest reaches of Africa, but [...]

A Rising Tide (or Apple iAd) Raises All Ships

In today’s Wall Street Journal an article about Apple’s iAd helping rivals ran in which competing mobile advertising technologies and agencies claim they are seeing a huge lift in mobile advertising spend by their clients—due in large part to Apple’s entry into mobile advertising. A rising tide raises all ships without question and it’s great [...]

Mobile as a Compliment to Mainstream Marketing Channels

The real power of mobile is to help traditional media cross the chasm into the virtual world. Whether it’s SMS, QR codes, Text to Voice, etc, businesses need to tap into the power of mobile in order to maximize their marketing dollars. The reality is the our phones are very personal to us and we [...]

People Prefer the Mobile Web to Mobile Apps?

I read a recent article from Mobile Marketing Watch about an eMarketer study that shared that people seemingly prefer the mobile web to mobile apps.  It appears that this study was commissioned by Adobe, which probably makes the article biased, but I found it interesting anyway.  The most interesting paragraph to me reads: eMarketer came [...]

Mobile Video Marketing: 4 Tactics to Get Started

Read these 4 tips from MarketingSherpa on getting engagement from mobile phone users and addressing the “feature phone” marketplace. fongnome provides businesses of all sizes an intuitive and powerful platform and services to connect with their existing and prospective buyers using mobile communications (SMS, text messaging, mobile web sites and 2D barcodes).  If we can [...]

Calling Someone: “it’s sort of rude and invasive”

Woke up this morning to read the Wall Street Journal’s article declaring the texting revolution is underway in the United States.  Hooray!  That’s always a good way to start a morning if you’re in the business. And if your business isn’t using mobile communication to reach your most loyal current and prospective customers, you’re leaving [...]

Welcome to the Land of the Gnome!

We’re just outta “pre-alpha” and some serious brainstorming at fongnome HQs in sunny So Cal and weird Austin. We think we’ve got a pretty good handle on mobile, small-to-medium sized business and how mobile marketing can help them grow. But we’d never be so bold as to suggest we’re the smartest guys and gals in [...]