Mobile Phones Built for Mobile Health

mHealth is going to be unbelievably huge. There are a heck of a lot of trivial applications out there to engage the general population in mobile marketing gimmicks, but mobile health is definitely not one of them.

mHealth addresses very real problems in not only extremely rural areas in the furthest reaches of Africa, but right here in urban America. Whether you need reminders about doctors visits or taking your medication, mobile can help. If the issue is more complicated and you need to take blood samples for immediate analysis and transmission all via mobile phone, it’s available. It’s pretty cool and it’s only getting bigger.

I was really intrigued today when I read about Fujitsu’s first Continua-certified mobile phone that’s just been released in Japan. Continua is a connected health industry organization with 236 member companies that are working together to create guidelines that ensure connected health devices are interoperable. Check out the features of this phone:

“The F-01C is waterproof, touch screen phone featuring a HD video camera, a 13.2 megapixel camera, an “augmented reality-enabled location radar”, a built-in humidity and temperature sensor and more.”

The phone has the capability of doing some pretty cool stuff like take blood pressure readings, track your running and connect with other health monitoring and measurement devices.  This is the tough book of phones that happens to be very smart, small and useful.  Think how useful devices like this can be in poor countries where flying in health equipment isn’t practical or possible.

If you’re into gadgets, that’s a pretty good one.